Known Commands (Script V4) (S2)

Factorio Commands

  • Changes your armor color and your chat color
    • /Color <RBG Value>
    • /Color <color name>
  • To reference any player's name start typing it and press [TAB] key it will auto complete it

Explosive Gaming Commands (for V4 of the script - 0.16.51 factorio)

Users +

Ranks of Guest and up can use these commands

  • Use GUI
    • Player List (Right Click for extra info)
    • Readme Button (Please read it -its how you stay out of jail
    • Manually Launch Rockets
    • Change Science
    • Read Task List
    • Report users (use Flag next to name - you can not report MODS+)
    • Access warp list (when on warp)
    • Respond to polls
    • Use any warp point
      • Stand on the warp point (or in spawn), click the other warp you wish to go to in the menu that pops up.
      • Cool-down time is 60 seconds before you can use warps again
  • /tag <taginfohere>
  • /tag-clear <yourusername>
  • /report <name> <why>
    • Sends a message to all MOD & Admin in game AND on discord. It also logs a record of that player having been reported by you.
    • Ingame: Announces that <player name> has been warned by a user for <reason>
      • The In-Game chat will not say who reported who, but the Mods are shown so that they may investigate.
    • Many reports will result in temporary jail/demotion for all but the most trusted users in the event that a Mod is not on duty and looking into it already.  

Regular +

All from lower rank

  • Use the deconstruction planner
  • Place bricks, concrete and landfills
  • Use capsules
  • /kill <playername.capsCounT>
    • A player of lower rank can be murdered by you - Please do not abuse this


All from lower rank

  • Use GUI
    • Edit Tasklist (open it and click the pencil next to the item you wish to modify) 
    • Delete Warp - Be on any warp - press trash can next to the warp you need to delete on GUI
  • /make-warp <name>
    • Make an in game warp point. Do NOT make one next to spawn or another warp point
  • Use nukes
  • /report {name} {Reason} your reports help the script jail or take action until a Mod can get there (Generally as members are trusted - it takes less member reports that guest reports to auto jail/demote someone until a mod can get on)


All from lower rank

  • Auto Tree Delete (loose all wood and stone caught in this tool)
    • Use deconstruction planner (works best with Tree/Rock filter)
    • Note: will not work if someone lower already planned decon)
  • Use GUI
    • Create Poll
      • Click on the poll menu, click create new, fill in options
      • See old polls by clicking see old polls and scrolling to see results
  • /repair <1-10>
    • Instant repair of yourself and anything within 10 tiles of yourself
      • Try not to cheat too much ; )

Donate (P2W)+

All from lower rank

  • "!" global chat commands - !magic commands that announce things to others like !discord or !blame or !maketea
  • /jail <name> <reason>
    • This will also send a message to all MODs on discord and logs a record of that player having been jailed by you.
    • This is a type of MOD tool - please don't abuse
  • /unjail <name>
  • /set-home
    • Uses current position as your new instant teleport location
  • /home
    • Teleport yourself to the location you set with /set-home
    • If you did not yet /set-home, a home will be set for you at spawn
    • /home has no cool-down time unlike warp points
  • /return
    • sends you back to where you were last when you use /home
  • /bonus <0-50>
    • Default is 20 
    • Gives you a speed bonus, a inventory size bonus, and a manual mining bonus

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