Member is an invite-only rank and will stay even when the server resets. You can request to be invited by contacting an admin; please note: admins have other things to do and so may not get back to you straight away and asking repeatedly will lower your chances of being accepted, see below for details.

Becoming Member

There is no set amount of hours needed to become a Member. when you believe you've got enough playtime you can send your username in the #ūüď•role-request channel in the ExplosiveGaming discord¬†and they¬†might promote you depending on a few factors:

  • Activity on the Factorio¬†Servers
  • Activity on Discord
  • Teamplay

After receiving the Member role on discord you will automatically be promoted to a member on all ExplosiveGaming Factorio servers after the next server reset. Alternatively, you can ask a Moderator give promote you.

Permissions & Commands

As a Member you have access to the following Commands/Permissions:

  • All from¬†the Previous rank
  • Edit the Task-List
  • /make-warp {WarpNameHere} (Create and delete Warps)
  • Use Nukes

We recommend giving an indication as to where the warp point is in regard to spawn (N, S, SW, etc.).
Example: /make-warp Copper 3 [NE]

Discord Privileges

Members also get access to the #Members and #Introductions Discord chat.

#Members is just a place where Members can discuss their plans to destroy the whole of humanity, ... Ah, that didn't work... to take over the world... Damn, neither did this... to create the best factory ever! There we go! :D

#Introductions is the chat where new members can write a short description of themselves so others can get to know you better.

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