S3-Weekly (0.17 Latest Experimental)


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2018-10-19 untill 2018-10-26

Settings (for exact settings, see s3-weekly in discord)
  • No biters
  • No pollution
  • height set to 1024
  • resource settings: frequency = low, richness = normal, size = high 

Cited from steventrov:

"Personally I dont think the ribbon world really helped us, biters turned off helped but also feels a bit cheaty. We know that if we kill all the nests in the cloud and keep it clear then the biters dont cost any UPS. So them being off saves us work.

The biggest problem with the ribbon is that it actually made it a lot harder to build solar, because there was just less space, and we were tripping over each other a bit"

Final statistics
  • Sustained (over 1h) SPM: 3600
  • Rockets Launched: 5535
  • Power (without accus) 28GW
  • Used 99% of space science
Final performance stat

Did not end up performing significantly better than rich word with biters and no limit in hight. 

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