Server rules

This is the ingame rules on all explosiveGaming servers. Make sure you are aware of all the rules so that you can have fun and avoid jail time. You can also find the rules ingame in the readme (top left corner)

  1. Hacking / cheating / abusing bugs will not be tolerated.
  2. Any bugs or exploits found should be reported to our team members. (excluding creative items).
  3. Do not disrespect any player in the server.
  4. Taking all items from a belt or logistics request is forbidden: sharing resources is mandatory.
  5. Spamming (in the form of chat, bots, unlimited chests and concrete) is not allowed.
  6. Do not lay down/remove concrete or stone with bots without permission.
  7. Do not use active provider chests without permission.
  8. Do not use speakers on global or with alerts without permission.
  9. Do not remove/move major parts of the factory without permission.
  10. Do not walk in random directions for no reason (to save map size and server resources).
  11. Do not remove stuff without asking your fellow players.
  12. Do not rotate belts, deactivate belts with wires, or cause production to stop.
  13. Do not make train roundabouts. Or any loops of any kind.
  14. When using trains, use the same size other players have used.
  15. Trains are Left Hand Drive (LHD) only.
  16. Do not complain about lag, low fps and low ups etc.
  17. Do not ask for ranks. Our ranks are synchronized with Discord, make sure to join us there.
  18. Do not advertise other servers unless you are a trusted server owner.
  19. Report players who break the rules.
  20. Use common sense and what an Admin says goes.

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