Train Loops

The creation of loops in a train network is forbidden on all ExplosiveGaming Factorio servers!

Why are we not allowed to make loops?

There are multiple reasons for not allowing loops. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Loops will cause server lag due to trains having to recalculate every block in the network when there is a loop.
  2. A train might go through a mining station if a loop is created there as it could be the shortest path. While passing the station there is a chance of the train collecting a few unwanted items. This can cause major issues if the stations don't have Filter Inserters.
  3. The use of roundabouts is also not allowed due to the limited throughput of trains we would much rather use a t-junction or a 4 way intersection.

What is a loop?

A loop is anything that connects the two sides of the track together (yellow in picture below).


What do I do if someone makes a loop?

Politely let them know that it is not allowed. If they don't believe you or have questions about it. You can refer them to this page.


For more information about the train system standards used by ExplosiveGaming please refer to Trains and Rails

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